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Just wondering (i totally agree that Avril'a video is just wrong in more ways than 30) but what's your take on the Hello Kitty video? What issues do you find with it?



Well aside from it being a badly written, annoying song and a tacky, badly done video with Hot Topic-Weaboo aesthetics, I’ve got issues with her trying to promote herself as part of kawaii culture. She’s got the look all wrong, she looks like a weaboo at their first anime con. She’s not in anything recognize able, she’s just doing the white-celebrity-attempts-harajuku-look thing. She’s clearly seen the success of Kyary recently (after her Western exposure with Katy Perry and 1D, probably) and in the style of Gwen Stefani’s racist Harajuku Girl thing, used East Asian women as fetishy props and threw together a look that she probably think looks very Harajuku (I’ll bet she thinks Harajuku is a single style). The backup dancers aren’t particularly sexually fetishized but there’s that weird exoticism thing that Western stars do where they make a spectacle of countries like Japan and their ~wacky different~ aspects. Note that she also has other East Asian looking girls on set pretending to flock her like she’s a big celeb.

I think it’s tasteless and underhanded and she’s jumped on a gimmick because she doesn’t have good enough music to do well without one. She’s a married woman who is nearly 30 but she seems to still be in a particularly poorly executed Scene Kid phase.
She also seems to equate her ugly video with Japanese culture as a whole and uses broken Japanese and squawks “kawaii” in quite a maddening pitch. Which is both appropriative and embarrassing tbh. Oh and she does this obnoxious bouncing and clapping and bowing when she’s receiving her sushi????????????????? Like stop.jpg you’re white and from Napanee (I live 45 mins from her home town, it’s very very white and country)

Upon review of the lyrics I’m really fucking creeped out. It’s an already really creepy slumber party type song but it says “Lets be friends forever…come and play with Kitty and me.” Idk sounds clingy and fetishy and way too infantile for a 30year old woman to be singing.
Also I don’t like that she says “like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties” (Smarties are a chocolate here in Canada) like that’s just rude, don’t make fat kid jokes. V body shamey and like don’t equate junk food with a body type??

Overall 0/10, this song and video is offensive, racist, ugly, tacky, juvenile, appropriative, embarrassing for everyone and pathetic. There’s probably tons more that will occur to me later too, so I may edit this post. I’m terrified it’ll come on the radio and bring forth an era of terrible weaboos and scene kids who say “kawaii” far too much. I’m so scared.


( My entire life family / people have told me I remind them of Avril and I cannot ever separate myself from her, especially not now ugghhhhh )


December 16, 2008: Tempest Storm, Gloria Pall & Dixie Evans at the Bettie Page funeral in Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA

Forest Cottage, Germany.

Forest Cottage, Germany.

I’m getting really sick of my sister’s abusive bullshit and there’s literally nothing I can do about it. Lol.


one time a boy tried to pull my hijab off

i punched him in the face

closed fist, short swing, right in the jaw

there is a point where you stop trying to educate people and start making the consequences of their racist bullshit real fuckin clear.




Évolution inversée

he looked old for 14

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso